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Ocean View From Ibiza Villa

Renting a villa in Ibiza is a great way to experience the island at its best. As you travel around the island, you will see that the hills and villages are full of traditional Spanish fincas (farmhouses) and modern villas, so hiring one of these delightful houses for your holiday allows you really to feel at home on the island. Renting a villa is an excellent way of preparing to buy one; it will give you an invaluable insight into the way of life, and give you some idea of the costs and maintenance involved in the upkeep of a property on the island.

Many of the villas on Ibiza conform to the traditional whitewashed image, many with roof terraces and private or shared swimming pools. The majority of the island's villas and homes are very discreetly and elegantly located amongst pine groves and winding lanes. The architectural style they tend to follow is very simple and very beautiful.

Ibiza has a great number of rather exclusive looking developments hidden in its hills. All around Ibiza Town and up in the north of the island especially, Ibiza's pine covered hills are in fact home to what are known as urbanizaciones estates made up of villas and houses. What is most remarkable about these developments is that the houses remain largely hidden from the road, at the same time as having spectacular views over the valley. Many of them are built in such a way as to block out sight of the other villas in the urbanizacion.

The best way to rent a villa in Ibiza is to check out specialist agents online and in the travel section of the weekend newspapers. On the island itself, there are English language publications that generally contain an excellent listings section, with dozens of villas for rent or sale. If you have any acquaintances with property on Ibiza, they may well have contacts who are looking to rent out or sell their villa.

Remember, as you plan to rent or if you are thinking of buying a villa in Ibiza, to think carefully about what exactly you are looking for. Villas come in all shapes and sizes, so consider how many rooms you will need, bearing in mind that most villas are rented out at a fixed price, not per person. Find out what is included in the price of renting, as you may be expected to bring your own linen or towels. The price of renting one of the larger and more luxurious villas in Ibiza is comparable to moderate London rent prices. They sell for prices similar to property prices in Britain's south east.