Jobs in Ibiza guide to bar work and summer vacancies

Jobs in Ibiza how to find a vacancy on the island

Jobs In Ibiza Ibiza 

To have any sort of job in Ibiza you will legally need to have a permiso de residencia, which is an EU residence permit. This lasts for up to a year, after which you may apply for a five year extension. To apply for this permit, job seekers will need to go to the Policia Nacional building on Avgda de la Pau in Ibiza Town. The police will want to see a contract for employment, or proof that you can afford to support yourself whilst looking for a job in Ibiza. At last reckoning, this meant having approximately 35 euros per day. The situation is more complicated for US and Canadian citizens, who will need to have their potential employer apply for a residency permit on their behalf.

The kind of vacancy young people can expect to get in Ibiza is bar work, promotional work for one of the clubs, or holiday rep work. Those who come over and work without going through the official routes and many do so will most likely earn very little money. For a cash in hand job in Ibiza, an employee might earn 25 or 30 euros per day, whether that is for a shift at a bar or in a club, or for handing out flyers on the street. Flyering is particularly badly paid around £1 for every initialled flyer that makes it back through the club door.

For a longer term job in Ibiza, it is best to contact the company or club for whom you want to work far in advance, and to arrive on the island in March or April, before the season starts. It may well make a good anecdote for your grandchildren in the future, but it would not be much fun to spend the entire summer handing out flyers in the blazing sunshine. For a job as a dancer in a club, the club's organisers will want to meet you in person to make sure that you can dance and also, though it may well be politically incorrect, to make sure you look the part. There is basically no chance of blagging DJ work on Ibiza.

The high season, between May and September, is by far the best time to look for a job in Ibiza, since many of the island's bars, restaurants and clubs actually close out of season. In the summer months, it is entirely possible to rock up on the island and scout around for something menial, by looking at notice boards in San Antonio's bars (The Ship is particularly good) or at Ibiza Promotions on Paseo Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town.