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If you think of Ibiza, Manumission might well be the first thing that springs to mind. The weekly club night that was held at Privilege Ibiza (now moved to Amnesia in Ibiza), has become so very famous (or infamous) that it is known the world over as one of the biggest, most spectacular club nights ever. The night was established by two brothers, Mike and Andy McKay.

NOTE from the Friday the 10th of August 2007 Manumission reopenned at Amnesia in Ibiza.

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Manumission began life in 1994, in what was then called KU Club (now Privilege). Originally it was just a small event in one of Ku's bar areas, but it quickly expanded to take in the entire hanger like space of the club. And certainly, Manumission whose name translates from the Latin as 'freedom from slavery' for a time enjoyed a reputation as one of the most liberal, hedonistic venues on Ibiza. Until 1998 there were regular sex shows, starring the club's owners, for all those clubbers with the stamina to make it through until dawn.

Nowadays the entertainment is somewhat tamer but nonetheless impressive: trapeze artists, flame and chain jugglers, and stilt walkers wandering through the crowd. Manumission has certainly not lost any of its theatrical spectacle. There is even a DJ in the toilets, the ultimate gesture to the all pervasive nature of the Ibiza club scene. Naturally, the Manumission parade through Ibiza Town (many of the larger clubs organise crowd gathering parades of an evening) out weirds the other clubs' parades.