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Night Life Ibiza Nightlife Activities

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It goes almost without saying that, on Ibiza, the nightlife is what it's all about. During the high season, the number of tourists visiting the island in order to go clubbing and have a wild time surpasses those coming for a relaxing escape to the sun, and this fact is reflected in the hundreds of roadside billboards across the island advertising club nights and DJs. In the towns themselves, you can hardly move after midnight for club promoters, club advertisements, club parades and clubbers.

The Ibiza Clubs are, of course, the prime attraction. The larger ones are mainly based in Ibiza Town and San Antonio, although Space, fast becoming the most notorious, is located in Platja d'en Bossa, just south of Ibiza Town, and Privilege and Amnesia are located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, along the highway that connects Ibiza Town with San Antonio. Ibiza's larger clubs are open from early in the season until September, and there are always spectacularly hedonistic opening and closing parties. Doors open at midnight, and the party continues until dawn; or, in the case of Space, doors open at dawn and stay open all day.

The idea of only starting your night out at midnight can seem daunting to the unseasoned clubber, and some retire to their rooms after dinner to catch a couple of hours' sleep before heading out. This, frankly, is a little too sensible for Ibiza, and means missing out on the fantastic pre club scene. The main towns are full of vibrant Ibiza Bars that lure punters in with special drinks offers and resident DJs. These bars range from the fabulous to the undesirable, but all are united in their mission to gear people up for a great night out. The evening session essentially begins at sunset, when the world's best DJs play chillout tunes to the crowds on the beaches, after which the real Balearic anthems are played at full volume until dawn. San Antonio does a good line in disco bars, which combine bar prices and club tunes. Most of these are in the notorious West End, and are either free or relatively cheap to get into.

For a tamer pre club venue, have a late dinner at one of Ibiza's many great Restaurants in Ibiza. Those on the portside strips of Ibiza Town and San Antonio are particularly atmospheric, and are ideally located for the clubs and bars. Many of the island's restaurants specialise in traditional Ibicenco food mainly fish and are excellent value for money.