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Renovated in 1973 from what was once a traditional old finca (farmhouse) on the outskirts of the town of Ibiza, Pacha which means 'prince' and is pronounced Patcha, not Pasha, by the locals is the only one of Ibiza's larger nightclubs that stays open all the year round. It is marginally less famous than Privilege, which hosts the notorious Manumission night, or Amnesia, with its wild foam parties and commercial appeal. But it is no surprise that, for visitors to Ibiza, Pacha frequently becomes a firm favourite even the best night out on the island.

For one thing, the layout and décor are spectacular. Filled with palm trees, candles, sofas, and endless stairways leading to further rooms, alcoves and roof terraces, it is quite possible to spend a whole night in Pacha without running out of new areas to discover, each moving to a different beat. The atmosphere is intimate but not crowded; with a capacity of only 3000 (less than a third of the capacity of Privilege), it is rare indeed to feel trapped or claustrophobic in Pacha.

The main room has a large dancefloor dotted with bars and podiums; at the sides there are even candlelit tables belonging to Pacha's own in club restaurant. Other rooms are El Cielo (the funky room), Zenith (the techno area) and Pachacha (the salsa room). Located above all this is the roof terrace, a very chilled out area with an almost Moroccan feel to it cushions, low tables, atmospheric lighting, and stunning views over the floodlit Dalt Vila (Ibiza Old Town).

Pacha's greatest virtue, and one that is linked to its impressive décor, is the fact that it is neither tacky nor dingy. It tends not to attract a teenage crowd, nor those out to get disgracefully drunk. Pacha really makes an effort, and is without doubt an experience rather than just an evening. It is sophisticated without being exclusive.

That said, Pacha plays host once a week to the Ministry of Sound night, and has also been the venue for Made in Italy and other large evenings. It draws in the major international DJs and is, with its dozens of branches around the world, an extremely commercial venture.

Nevertheless, Pacha is the real thing one of Ibiza's original hippie clubs and its notoriety is by no means a recent development. In the 1970s, it ran a series of suitably artistic publicity campaigns and attracted a faithful, international crowd. With its distinctive and much copied logo (two cherries) and its brand shop in the centre of Ibiza Town, it is impossible to come to Ibiza and fail to notice the importance of Pacha to the island's economy and its world class club scene.