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Ibiza Privelege 

Privilege started life in 1978 as Ku, a tiny disco with a capacity of 125. It did not take long for the small venue to become larger and more impressive, and, by the mid 1980s, it had already garnered a reputation as Ibiza's most amazing nightclub. The quiet little hamlet of San Raphael had never seen anything like it international millionaires, movie stars, famous singers, transvestites, and drug fuelled clubbers all descended upon Ku (Privilege) for all night madness. Some of its more famous visitors during this period were James Brown, Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones, who famously danced naked in the rain in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Like all the other large clubs in Ibiza, Ku (Privilege) had to have a roof built in the early 1990s, to lessen noise pollution. Nonetheless, the Mediterranean party atmosphere continued unabated. The club was renamed Privilege in 1995, a year after Manumission began its weekly event.

Privilege boasts sixteen bars (at last count), a café, two VIP areas, and a couple of shops selling clothes and memorabilia. Its vast size, however, can be as much a curse as a blessing. On the massive nights notably Manumission on Mondays there is nothing more wonderful than feeling as though you are in the midst of an enormous crowd of revellers, one of the privileged (pardon the pun) few from all over the world who have made it to that particular place on that particular night. On quiet nights the place is a bit of a disaster, with beats echoing around the (relatively) empty space.

In the height of summer, however, it is rare for Privilege to experience a really quiet night, and it is certainly worth a visit as a once in a lifetime experience. Privilege, more so than any other club on Ibiza, shows UK clubs up for the tiny, rather ordinary places they are.