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San Antonio Bay Ibiza 

The bay area of San Antonio (or Sant Antoni) is known locally as Badia de Sant Antoni, and is, to many tourists' surprise, not as close to the town centre of San Antonio as its name suggests. Just south of San Antonio, and stretching west from Punta des Moli, San Antonio bay is a little quieter and less built up than the town, although that is not to say that it does not attract more than its fair share of visitors.

Punta des Moli offers spectacular views over the bay, and is a rare tranquil spot for those based in Ibiza's most hedonistic town. Looking down over San Antonio, you are surrounded by bushes and olive trees, and Ibiza's Maritime Museum (Museu Maritim) is located up here, too, along with a windmill near the edge of the cliff.

Heading westward from Punta des Moli, there is a succession of relatively unimpressive beaches. The first is Platja des Pouet, a sandy but busy beach, and this is followed by Platja d'Estanyol and Platja des Serral, two artificial sandy beaches that are popular with tourist families. The further away from town you go, the better the beaches become: at the end of the San Antonio bay area is Platja des Pinet, a small but somewhat more appealing beach, and just beyond this is the perfectly pleasant Port d'es Torrent, and it is only a short drive further west to the delightful beaches of Cala Conta and Cala Tarida.

Out in the middle of the bay area around San Antonio are two islands, Illa Conillera and s'Illa des Bosc. Both are uninhabited and provide an excellent getaway from the town. Within sight of San Antonio especially Conillera with its prominent lighthouse the islands are popular with yachters and snorklers.

While San Antonio bay lacks the crazy party atmosphere of San Antonio town, it is still extremely tourist orientated, with numerous hotels, bars and restaurants catering for visitors during the summer months and, for the most part, closing down during the winter. For something more secluded and relaxing, branch out into the surrounding countryside. By far the best way to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty just beyond San Antonio is to rent a car for some or all of your holiday in Ibiza. A few minutes' drive away you can feel as if you are on a totally different island, which can be very refreshing after enjoying all that San An has to offer.