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San Antonio Ibiza Hotels, Bars Clubbing in San An

San Antonio, known as Sant Antoni in the local Catalan, and as San An to British clubbers, is what most people have in mind when they think of Ibiza. Full of bars, clubs, restaurants, guesthouses and hotels, and with its own beach, San Antonio is Ibiza at its most manic and decadent.

One of the best known areas of San Antonio is the Sunset Strip, home to the world famous Café del Mar, a vibrant if somewhat packed location for sunset views accompanied by chillout beats. The Sunset Strip stretches along the seafront between Carrer General Balanzat and Carrer Vara de Rey, and is nowadays filled with numerous sunset bars and tourists looking for the ideal lookout on summer evenings. The West End is far more hectic, and really comes alive after sunset. Centred around Carrer Santa Agnes, San Antonio's West End is where it all (quite literally) hangs out every evening during the summer. There are almost no buildings in the area that are not disco clubs or bars, and they all cater for the tourist crowd. It is rare indeed to bump into anybody who actually lives on Ibiza spending the evening in San Antonio, with the exception of bar staff.

Since San Antonio exemplifies the best and worst of Ibiza's clubbing scene, the place is virtually silent during the day and only wakes up at night. Its big clubs, which include Eden and Es Paradis, are amongst the island's busiest and best, and pre club revellers throng the streets from about 10pm onwards. The town is home to some of Ibiza's best bars, including Bar M and Café Mambo (not to mention Café del Mar), and San Antonio's proximity to both Privilege and Amnesia makes it an ideal pre club hangout. Many of the pre club disco bars are free to get into, and in general San Antonio is inexpensive in comparison with Ibiza Town.

There is not much in the way of non clubbing culture in San Antonio, but one unmissable landmark is the sculpture known as The Egg. Stuck in the middle of the roundabout that joins Avgda Dr Fleming and Passeig de ses Fonts, the big white egg which has a model ship at its centre is a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who was allegedly, though probably not actually, born on Ibiza. When challenged about his 'impossible' plans to sail west to the Indies, it is said that Columbus claimed he could even make an egg stand upright, and proceeded to crack the base of an egg to make it do just that.