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Self catering gives you the flexibility to plan your holiday around your own personal priorities, rather than having to adhere to a list of activities dictated to you by holiday reps or resort managers. It is easier to travel around the island and see as much as possible if you are in charge of your own schedule.

Going out clubbing is hassle free if you know you can return home whenever you like and bring guests back with you.

If you are travelling on a budget, self catering will encourage you to eat in now and then, rather than splashing out on restaurant meals every evening. You will also avoid the need to go out every night if you are staying in a spacious and comfortable home rather than a hotel room.

Family holidays with young children can often be tricky if the local cuisine is not to the children's taste, so the option of buying your own food and cooking for yourself can be invaluable.

There are, however, a number of things you need to bear in mind as you plan your self catering holiday on Ibiza:

What is included in the price of the accommodation? Will you have to bring your own bedlinen and towels? Is there a cleaner or are you expected to clean the property yourself? If there is a swimming pool, is it shared or private?

Since many self catering properties are in fact privately owned, you might be told that you must arrive and depart on a Saturday, so that the owner has time to come in and clean. This could have an effect on your choice of flights and car hire.

Think about how many bedrooms you actually need to have. Since many self catering properties are rented out at a fixed rate (meaning that there is a fixed price for renting the property, no matter how many people stay there), it could be worth your while packing as many people in as can comfortably fit. There may well be a sofa bed in the lounge area, which could reduce the number of bedrooms needed if you are on a very tight budget.