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Short Break to Ibiza Spanish Holiday Guide

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The most important tip for travellers on a short break to Ibiza is to plan a few ideas in advance but not so much that you spend the entire break dashing from one must see location to the next. Before you travel, look at a map of Ibiza and work out where you want to go and what you want to see. Think about how much money you are willing to spend on accommodation, dinners and entertainment. This forward planning will allow you to whittle down a list of essential things to do.

You may not want to worry about food shopping and cooking during your short visit, in which case there are numerous excellent package deals to be found on line, with a choice of all inclusive hotels across the island.

If you hope to see as much of the island as possible, it is advisable to hire a car. These can be booked on line or by telephone in advance of your trip, and can be picked up at the airport upon arrival. Since Ibiza is so small, no car journey can possibly last over an hour, and a short break will give you plenty of time to explore. Visiting the main towns, and especially Ibiza Town (Eivissa) is a must, as well as the island's less crowded beaches. Salines in the south is popular but trendy; out of season there are few beaches lovelier than Cala Tarida in the west.

Day trips by boat to Formentera are good value for money and offer a completely different side to the Balearic experience. Once there, one can hire bicycles or mopeds from the port area at La Savina, and admire the island's isolated beauty at a leisurely pace. There are stunning beaches and delightful eateries scattered all over Formentera, and the sheer disparity between this chilled out island and the worst excesses of San Antonio is breathtaking.

To crown a short break in Ibiza, visit one of its many world class clubs. Since a night of dancing from midnight until dawn can knock the whole next day out of your trip, it is essential to make sure your big night out is spectacular try Pacha for glamorous partying, Amnesia for a completely mental night out, and Privilege for its overwhelming size.