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If you're looking for a hedonistic holiday, nowhere does it better than Ibiza. The island's clubs are so famous as to be infamous, and the nightlife leaves the other European and worldwide party destinations standing. With some of the world's biggest club nights and certainly the world's biggest DJs on the island all summer long, it is impossible to be disappointed by the array of bars and clubs Ibiza has on offer. While the hippie scene is not quite what it used to be back in the 1960s and 1970s, there is also still a considerable hippie presence on the island.

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, there are large numbers of visitors who come to Ibiza to get away from it all. While this concept might at first seem ridiculous Ibiza is, after all, the party capital of the Mediterranean the very fact that so many tourists descend upon the large towns and pretty much stay put means that the abundant countryside and more remote beaches are havens of tranquillity for those who want some peace and quiet. The north of the island is particularly lovely and verdant, with some spectacular beaches and speedy access to the sunset beaches on the west coast.

Families tend to prefer resorts such as Cala Llonga, where the beach is clean and wide, where the water is safe and shallow, and where there is a wide range of watersports and children's entertainment. This kind of resort will usually have at least one good restaurant serving food from around the world, as well as a good selection of bars and pubs for when the children have gone to bed.

With so many new housing developments and superclubs on the island, it can be easy to forget that Ibiza has an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage. It has been invaded, conquered and annexed numerous times over the past millennia, and this eclectic cultural variation has left its mark. Perhaps the most impressive historical site is Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila), which rises up in the midst of Ibiza Town. The summit of the hill houses a cathedral, a castle and a fascinating archaeological museum.