Flights to Iceland from London,UK, Keflavik Airport Shuttles and Trasnfers Reykjavik

Flights to Iceland From Europe and London

In the not too distant past flights to Iceland were both expensive and erratic. However, thanks to Reykjavik’s popularity as a city break destination and the growing interest in winter sports; it’s never been easier to find flights to Iceland. Prices fluctuate seasonally and the cheapest flights available during the winter months when the country is plunged into near constant darkness. However, winter visitors can still take advantage of the country’s celebrated nightlife and have a much better chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Flights from London to Iceland take approximately three hours, while from New York it’s a five and a half hour trip. All international flights arrive at Keflavik Airport, which is a stunning (and at times surreal) 45 minute drive from the capital. Pit stops can be arranged on the return journey to the airport; so that passengers can take a final dip in the mineral rich waters of the Blue Lagoon before flying home.

Icelandair is the country’s national carrier and offers the most comprehensive range of flights to the ‘land of fire and ice’. Currently they operate direct flights from London and Glasgow, plus a number of other major European cities. Flights in the summer months can cost as little as £200, if booked sufficiently far in advance. Off season flight prices drop by as much as 50%. Icelandair also offers a range of all inclusive short package breaks.

Iceland Express bills itself as the only purveyor of no frills flights to Iceland and proves fertile hunting ground for cheap seats. However, in the peak summer season and during festivals; ticket prices rise in line with most other carriers.

Connecting flights to other parts of the island can be booked with the domestic airline Air Iceland, plus a number of independent operators. You’ll also come across the occasional charter airline flying between London and Reykjavik’s Keflavik Airport.

When shopping around for the best deal it’s important to check that your ticket includes airport taxes, which can add considerably to the overall cost. Similarly the cheapest tickets are generally only available to passengers staying a Saturday or Sunday night.