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Hotels in Iceland Recommendations

Iceland’s choice of hotels covers the spectrum from simple backpacker friendly guest houses to smart design hotels. Icelandic hotels are invariably welcoming, efficiently run… and expensive. Hotel tariffs make for disturbing reading, but it’s important to make sure that you cover all the small print to see what’s included (breakfast is often ‘extra’).

In Reykjavik’s Old Town the Hotel Borg oozes as much old world charm and nostalgic grandeur as any of Europe’s finest hotels; and comes with a price tag to match. Further from the historic city centre the Hotel Saga is a popular choice with well heeled tourists businessmen and alike. This Radisson SAS owned hotel boasts every conceivable creature comfort and some that you wouldn’t have thought of; such as an enviable penthouse restaurant.

What Iceland’s mid range hotels lack in architectural finesse, they more than compensate for in terms of comfort and cleanliness. Anyone looking for a hotel would do well to heed Willie Dixon’s words that you ‘can’t judge a book by looking at its cover’; instead forget the façade, go inside and have a good snoop around.

Much of Iceland’s mid range hotel market is sewn up by two chains: Fosshotel and Edda. They have both built up solid reputations for providing quality accommodation at prices that won’t break the bank (even in Reykjavik). Not so long ago anyone looking for a contemporary bed for the night would find themselves metaphorically left out in the cold. However, the slick minimalist lines of Klöpp and Skjaldbreið have proved a welcome addition to downtown Reykjavik’s hotel scene.

Budget travellers can choose from a good selection of guest houses, although many are only open during the peak summer months. If you’re planning on spending a few days in the city centre it might make economic sense to think about renting an apartment (you’ll certainly save on food bills).

No matter where you decide to stay; it’s important to book early. Hotel across Iceland fill up quickly and if you’re planning on staying in Reykjavik at the weekend reservations are essential as half the country descends on the capital to party.