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Agra Tourism Taj Mahal, Fort Agra for Golden Triangle Tourism

Agra Tourism – Taj Mahal, Fort Agra for Golden Triangle Tourism

Being part of the famous Golden Triangle has been the key to Agra’s tourism success. With three World Heritage Sites, one being the famous Taj Mahal, Agra is one of India’s most popular tourist routes.

Agra Tourism, Agra Fort

But Agra rather represents both the best and worst of India.

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Unfortunately Agra’s infrastructure has taken a beating after years of neglect and corruption. However tourism is ripe and fuels Agra’s economy. While in the past it has been home to an industry full of chemicals and pollution, Agra has transformed to accept tourism as a main revenue source. The only thing holding it back is the continued poor infrastructure, something that has not been improved and with up to three million tourists flocking to the Taj Mahal each year, change is necessary.

While the city hasn’t yet shaken off the full extent of the destruction of its past, Agra is a must on any itinerary, even if only to see the magical Taj Mahal. There are still obstacles such as getting used to the open sewers and unclean water coupled with the enormous crowds and persistent touts. But once you experience all Agra has to offer you will no doubt accept the price to pay for such an awe inspiring journey, both visually and spiritually.

Agra’s tourism is primarily due to the Mughal styled architecture that have become World Heritage Sites, in particular, the mighty Taj Mahal. Furthermore the Agra Fort and Fatehpūr Sikrī give Agra the edge on many other tourist spots.

Apart from the sights, tourists also enjoy the Mughlai cuisine. Full of creamy sauces and rich meats, the cuisine is usually followed by satisfaction. Make sure you also try the Kinari Bazar, one of the most recognised sweets in Agra. There are so many different varieties and ways to cook dishes that you will never get sick of Indian food. However if your taste buds aren’t quite so adventurous, you can always settle for the popular butter chicken (murgh makhani) or chicken tikka.

Tourism is at its peak during the cooler months so crowds will be at their thickest but the weather will be more favourable. Remember that summer temperatures are extreme while winter temperatures are very reasonable. The best time therefore for tourists to travel to Agra is between October and March. Also, tourists will be delighted to know that although Hindi is the official language, English is widely spoken also.