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Andhra Pradesh India Guide to Andhra Pradesh (AP) State Tourism

Andhra Pradesh India Guide to Andhra Pradesh (AP) State Tourism

Often known as the "Rice Bowl of India", Andhra Pradesh is one of India’s larger states located in South India. With a coastline stretching 1,000km, eight of its districts have direct access to the beach. From the beach, plains to tropical forests, this state has a diverse landscape.

Andhra Pradesh

Largely because of this diverse geography, the climate here varies also. Generally the closer to the coast you go the warmer it is, with summer temperatures (March to June) hovering between 20°C and 41°C. By October the tropical cyclones and north east monsoon sets in bringing rain to the southern area and coast of the state. The state also receives rain from the south west monsoon making the rain season a lasting one, often lasting through to the end of September. Then winter brings cooler weather making it a very pleasant time to visit.

There are countless things to do and see in Andhra Pradesh (AP) from large caves to temples and beaches. The caves are definitely something you don’t want to miss, the best being the Borra and Belum Caves. Near Vishakapatnam nestled within the Anatagiri Hills is the Borra Caves, named after the fact that its insides look remarkably like a brain! The Belum Caves is notably the second largest natural cave system in the sub continent climbing an astonishing 3229m within.

Other places to see include the lofty cyber towers and the Thousand Pillar Temple. You will find the towering cyber building in the state’s capital, Hyderabad, whereas the Thousand Pillar Temple is found in the ancient city of Warangal within Hanamakonda, 150km from the capital. What is fascinating about this ancient area of Warangal is that the entire place is said to be carved out of a single rock. Quite appropriately the area is also known as Orugallu, meaning ‘one rock’. The temple itself is famous for its thousand lavishly carved pillars and detailed sculptures. It is a shrine to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Surya in the shape of a star.

Interestingly, Andhra Pradesh has the most cinema complexes in the whole of India with well over 3,000, and funnily enough it also produces around 200 of them each year. So you will no doubt be inundated with films to watch. The state is also home to the world’s largest 3D IMAX screen so the experience will be immense. If being indoors isn’t really your thing, you can always head to the beach, a great place to start being Rama Krishna Beach.

When eating out in Andhra Pradesh it is important to keep in mind that the food is reputedly one of the spicier among Indian cuisines. One of the most popular dishes is mudda pappu which is a plain dal with salt served with avakaya.

Andhra Pradesh has an international airport in its capital making travelling here easy. It has several other airports around the state including ones in Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Vijayawada that service the domestic travellers. Once you arrive you will notice that most people speak Telugu, which is the official language used by over 80% of the population.

Overall Andhra Pradesh is a wonderful tourism spot with the caves and coastline to experience however make sure you are not caught holidaying in the heat of summer as it can be more than the body can handle at times.