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Bihar India Tourism Guide Tourist Attractions of Bihar

Bihar India Tourism Guide Tourist Attractions of Bihar

Bihar, meaning ‘Buddhist Monasteries’, is where the origins of Buddhism took place and where the ancient universities of India were built, making it a place of devout religion and education. Something fascinating about Bihar is that well over half its population are 25 or younger. Although this state has lagged behind in both human and economic development in the past, it has made vast improvements in recent years to revive the state. What it may lag in infrastructure, it certainly does not lag in beauty. Deciduous forests enrich the land with diverse wildlife and plant life making Bihar a nature’s paradise.


Bihar has one of the largest populations in India with over 82 million inhabitants, the majority of which practice Hinduism. It is a place representative of the more traditional India, more untouched by westernism.

Make your way to Bodh Gaya for a bit of religious enlightenment. Visit the Mahabodhi Temple, a sacred place for Buddhists, and relish in the imposing brick structure that holds a huge image of Buddha and the holy Bodhi tree.

Find the impressive Vishnupad Temple and Mahabodhi Temple, two religious sites found in Gaya, the latter where Gautam Buddha achieved enlightenment. Although the Vishnupad Temple only allows Hindus to enter, you can still admire it from afar. The Mahabodhi Temple is a great example of early brick structures built in India. It is such a sacred site that no one is even allowed to travel in the air directly above it!

Patna is the capital of Bihar and houses many historical monuments, though are not as spectacular as some of its neighbouring attractions. The state stretches its boundaries down the southern bank of the Ganges. Get to the Patna Museum and pay the extra rupees to get a glimpse of the small casket believed to have some of the ashes belonging to Buddha or head to the Har Mandir Takht with its marble domes and detailed architecture.

Getting to Patna is quite easy as it has its own airport but if you want to take a train this is relatively simple also as Patna lies on the New Delhi – Hawrah (Kolkata) main railway line. Buses also run to this city and then on to many other places from here, in fact Patna is a bit of a hub of transportation. If you do decide to stay in Patna, there is accommodation mainly on Fraser and Station Roads, remembering that most will add a 5 10% tax.