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Chennai Accommodation Guide to Chennai Hotels Guest Houses

Chennai Accommodation Guide to Chennai Hotels Guest Houses

Chennai Accommodation

Accommodation in Chennai can be a lot pricier than other regions in Tamil Nadu but these increased prices do not generally reflect an increase in the quality. Nether the less, most hotels in this city can be full by lunchtime, so is best to book in early to have the most options available to you.

Generally budget accommodation is best found around Egmore, Kennet Lane to be exact, while mid range accommodation is likely to be in and around Triplicane High Road which is slightly less chaotic than Kennet Lane. For those seeking luxury, the top end accommodation can be sought in South West Chennai, a much quieter area.

For the best of the budget options, a great place to start is Kennet Lane where you will find just set back from the hustle and bustle of the road, the Hotel Regent. Although lacking any form of luxury, it is clean and best of all has a courtyard at a decent length away from the mayhem of Kennet Lane.

Hotel Chandra Park is an absolute gem in Chennai. Here it is a matter of getting a lot for what you pay for, something uncommon in India. For some reason, this hotel has kept their prices stable while most hotels have been increasing their prices continually. Although they provide small rooms, they are clean with a stylish lobby at the entrance. So if you are not living on the absolute minimum but do not have the luxury of spending a lot on luxury accommodation, this is the middle field with class.

If money isn’t too much of an issue, there is a great place called Raintree that not only exudes personality and style with wonderfully decorated rooms, it is an eco friendly lodge. So don’t feel guilty for your luxuries knowing that it is a somewhat sustainable retreat. They even have an interesting roofing insulation technique in that they have an infinity pool that doubles as the roof insulation.