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Chennai Flights Guide to Cheap Chennai Flights India

Chennai Flights Guide to Cheap Chennai Flights India

Chennai Flights

The closest airport to Chennai is approximately 16km from the city. Both the Anna and the Kamaraj domestic terminals are located here, side by side. Chennai is fortunately very well connected to London, so finding international flights shouldn’t be a problem. British Airways usually have non stop flights to Chennai regularly.

Once you arrive, the best option for getting into the city is by pre paid taxi. There are several prepaid taxi booths around the airport advertising each taxi company so there are many to choose from. You will find these booths at both the international and domestic terminals, and they are likely to charge different amounts depending on what terminal you are in. Aviation Express has a good reputation but is known to have much higher rates.

There is a downside to using the taxi system, and that is you may experience a far from ideal experience. Some drivers are known to stop halfway and demand more money to keep going, they may request money at your arrival even though it is pre paid, or even display rough behaviour.

So if you are not willing to risk the possibility of a rogue driver, take the train. Costing only a few rupees, it is a cheaper way to get into the city from either of the airport terminals. To take the train, walk down the main road outside the airport, to get across the National highway take the underpass which will take you to Tirisulam railway station. If you are travelling in peak hours it is recommended you seek a first class ticket as the regular compartments can get extremely crowded.

The alternative to flying into Chennai is taking the train if you are arriving domestically. There are two stations, the Chennai Central and Egmore that have itineraries that include daily trips to and from many main centres such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Furthermore if you are travelling within South India, busses are also an option. There are copious bus stations and different corporations that run these services so you can usually bet on a service running at the time you need.