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Chennai Nightlife Guide to Chennai Nightlife, Theatres Cinema

Chennai Nightlife Guide to Chennai Nightlife, Theatres Cinema

Chennai Nightlife

Contrary to the general relaxed atmosphere of Chennai, the nightlife is surprisingly alive. Night activities include bars and nightclubs, cinema to satisfying your caffeine addiction at one of the many coffee houses.

With a vibrant theatre scene, there is no wonder that there are over 100 cinemas around the city. This is a favourite night time activity as they are hugely proud of their vivacious film industry. If the local language is a bit beyond you, there are often English language films on show at the Sathyam cinema.

Although Chennai isn’t quite at the stage that Kolkata or Mumbai is in terms of nightlife, it is steadily growing. The main thing holding Chennai back is the restrictions that are placed on closing times. Most clubs and bars have to shut at midnight making for a short night out for most, therefore not ideal for those used to partying well into the morning hours. It can be a slight buzz kill.

Some places to look out for include Zara’s, an upmarket bar, perfect for tapas, sangria and inventive drinks. Be sure to dress smartly. For something a little more casual, find Geoffrey’s Pub, one of the only places that provide live music entertainment each night. Although not always the best music, it is a great experience amongst a casual atmosphere. And for those seeking a platform for their dancing skills, the Leather Bar, contrary to its name, is not a fetish bar; in fact it is a great place to come for a fun dance to some great dance tunes. It is a modern styled spot sporting some very talented mixologists creating some imaginative drinks to compliment the gifted DJs.

On a larger scale, Hell Freezes Over (HFO) is a popular place to be with its enormous floor space, loud music and advanced sound and lighting systems, it is a great place for entertainment. They have billiard tables, events twice a month and guest DJs from all over India, all within its exhilarating atmosphere. Definitely check this place out while in Chennai if you can.

Furthermore, Pash is a great place to meet with friends with low seating areas with organza drapes to add privacy to your section. Every Wednesday they organise an Idipop night that changes the vibe considerably, so for a more lively time here make sure you visit mid week.

Apart from bars, nightclubs and the cinema, there are many coffee houses that serve their favourite cappuccino until late into the evenings. Many like to sit over a cup of coffee and chat with friends while soaking up the coffee house atmosphere.

So really there are quite a few things to do in the evenings of your stay in Chennai whether you are after a quiet night sipping coffee or an active adventure in one of the awesome clubs.