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Darjeeling Nightlife Guide to the Clubs Bars of Darjeeling

Darjeeling Nightlife Guide to the Clubs Bars of Darjeeling

The closest you will get to nightlife in Darjeeling is a drink at one of the top hotels. Nightfall arrives early and places generally close by 6pm. The limited bars and lounges are often attached to restaurants, but even here do not expect a crowd of people engaging in stories and laughter. If you drop by over summer you are likely to get a different crowd all together and are far more likely to encounter a bubbly crowd in the festive month of December.

Darjeeling Nightlife

If you are travelling with a group of friends, the ambience is likely to be heightened, though bear in mind that this small town’s population usually head home by 7pm or 9pm in the summer.

Looking toward the exceptions, Joey’s Pub provides a hub for many travellers. It is one of the only places that serves food past 9pm and is a great place to meet other travellers and share a story or two. Joey’s Pub is located on SM Das Road just around the corner from the local cinema. Buzz is another exception with a bar situated in Glenary’s basement with the occasional live music.

If drinking isn’t your thing, there is always the cinema. Inox hosts a beautiful cinema complex in the Rink Mall on Laden La Road with both domestic and international films.