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Delhi Accommodation Delhi Hotel, Resort Backpacker Guide

Delhi Accommodation Delhi Hotel, Resort Backpacker Guide

Delhi Accommodation

Generally adhering to the star ratings common in the United Kingdom, Delhi’s accommodation is wide varying with little in between.

Budget accommodation is largely centred in backpacker hubs with cheap hotels often found on Paharganj Street (the Main Bazaar), opposite the New Delhi railway station. These budget rooms are likely to be of meagre quality and service but as always, you usually get what you pay for. If you are able to inspect the room first this is advisable. Remember that the streets at night tend to be noisy so if you want a quiet night it is recommended that you ask for a quiet room or keep ear plugs available. Note that if you want air conditioning you are likely to have to pay a lot more.

If you are looking at mid range hotels, keep in mind that in recent years prices for mid range accommodations have soared, in some cases reaching that equivalent of luxury hotels. So with this in mind, homestays become an attractive alternative unless you have the means to stay in luxury, noting that a luxury tax of 12.5% can be added to the quoted price and a service charge of 5 10% can also be additional.

Depending on the time of year you are in Delhi, you may want to make sure you have certain amenities. For example if you are planning to be in the city during the monsoon period, it may be appropriate to be as close to the city centre and transportation as possible as to not get drenched each time you leave the comfort of your hotel or homestay. Also during the summer months it is highly recommended that you pay the extra amount to stay in a place with air conditioning as your body will not likely be accustomed to the sheer heat of the sun coupled with the intense humidity.

As with most places, booking in advance is supported as tourism is at its peak during the most comfortable months (temperature wise). Also certain festivals, religious pilgrimages, events and the like can mean accommodation is tight. For example the commonwealth games in October 2010, and pilgrimages that attract many people from all over the world.

When booking accommodation, there are a few pointers that will assist you in getting the best deals. The first is flexibility. If the dates of your stay are flexible, you are far more likely to get better prices and more choice than if your dates are fixed. Secondly, where you look for your accommodation makes a difference. Many people prefer to book their travels through a travel agent because of the security associated with doing so, however you may not find the best deals this way. Keep in mind that travel agents are likely to be given commission for booking with certain companies so with this incentive, they may not be giving you the best deals.

An alternative is booking online. Taking out the expense of a travel agency is where prices can be in some cases drastically dropped. Researching different travel and accommodation options is also extremely easy online with websites especially developed to give you this power of comparison. From this you will be able to be sure you are getting the best deals. Also, many hotels encourage online bookings and often offer a cheaper price for people booking in this way.