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Delhi Flights Guide to Cheap Flights to Delhi

Delhi Flights Guide to Cheap Flights to Delhi

Delhi Flights

Getting to Delhi is easy with the Indira Gandhi International Airport located just west of the city. Many airlines have direct, non stop flights from the UK to Delhi, making the trip usually a comfortable 8 to 9 hour journey.

Airlines servicing the UK to Delhi include Air India, British Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Air India usually offers great deals, much cheaper than its competitors, but use a comparison site such as Expedia to make sure you are getting the best deal for the dates you plan to be flying. The alternatives to booking online is either booking through a travel agent or booking through a particular airline. Both of these you can expect to pay more, however many still feel more comfortable doing it this way with the physical presence of the company. Travelling during the peak season will also likely change the fare price substantially as will travelling in a higher class.

If luxury is the key for your travels, then travelling first or business class will be your cup of tea. Although airlines charge a much higher tariff for such comfort, most find it makes long journeys far more enjoyable. Incentives such as boarding before the economy seats, baggage collection first, greater entertainment choices, a large selection of food and drink offered as well as greater comfort in special airport lounges.

Arriving at the Indira Gandhi International Airport used to be a horrible experience being one of the worst airports in the world, however since it has been privatised it has been refurbished to meet international standards making it a much more pleasant experience. The Delhi airport is a vital link for India to the rest of the world being the national capital. With over 20,000 passengers going through the airport daily, it is a busy airport but expect you can expect world class facilities.

Once landed, the best and safest way to get into the city is to have pre arranged transport. If your hotel offers an airport pick up, this is a great service. If not, there is taxi booths situated conveniently as you exit customs. Be sure to check your change as unfortunately many people will go to great lengths to get an extra rupee or two.

If your taxi isn’t pre paid, it is advisable not to pay until you get to the destination. Also, if your driver goes to lengths about why he is charging you extra, disregard it as tipping is not part of the culture here, nor anywhere in India. So step out of the vehicle and grab your luggage before paying the amount of the trip before walking away to discourage further discussion.