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Things To Do In Delhi Guide to Delhi Attractions, Temples Tombs

Things To Do In Delhi Guide to Delhi Attractions, Temples Tombs

Things To Do in Delhi

Being one of India’s largest and oldest cities, Delhi is full with tourist attractions. From markets to mosques, forts to food, Delhi has something to satisfy even the most travelled.

Start at the Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque. This imposing building is spectacular in size and design and with the ability to hold 25,000 people, it towers over Old Delhi. With stunning interior arcs and beautiful domes decorating its exterior, the Jama Masjid should be one of the first places to visit when you come to Delhi. Make sure you climb the southern minaret to take it the striking views (a male must accompany any female wanting this experience).

Then take in one of Delhi’s most popular tourist sights, the brilliant Red Fort. It is not surprising this fort is a top spot for tourists as it was built by the same man who built the Taj Mahal. Since the attacks of 2000, the security is heightened so expect to be searched thoroughly and your belongings to be x rayed. This fort is something very special, so tight security doesn’t discourage many people. Even though it is a bare carcass of its former being, its sheer presence is enough to engulf you into its sandstone charm. Be sure to attend the one hour sound and light show at night (except Monday nights) to see the fort glow in the darkness – a truly spectacular sight.

The Humayun’s Tomb should be next on your list being one of Delhi’s World Heritage Sites. Some say it was built as a prototype before Agra’s Taj Mahal, and similarities can definitely be seen. Surrounded by 30 acres of beautiful gardens, decorated with many arcs and complimented by a fountain at its entrance, this tomb must be one of the most splendid. Tourism here at the Tomb has been in decline because of the threat of terrorist attacks, but those willing will be very pleased they did.

The Bahá'í Lotus Temple in south Delhi is a modern temple in the shape of a half opened Lotus flower. This stunning piece of architecture provides a peaceful place for people of all religions to come together. The Bahá'í faith is a young religion that promotes peace between faiths and the unification of one global society. With nine arcs and nine reflecting pools surrounding the building symbolising the coming together of people from all different backgrounds, this monument is the pride of many. Although the exterior is something very unique, the inside is nothing to be excited about with very little to actually see, however for the experience, venturing inside will complete your visit. Entry is free and the Temple is open Tuesdays to Sundays.

Much enthusiasm is given to the religious and state festivals. The major festivals include Durga Puja, Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. If you are around in October, be sure to join in the festivities of the Qutub Festival where musicians and dancers perform for Delhi Tourism. No doubt you will come across a festival of some sort no matter what time of year you travel, with the Indian calendars full with colourful festivals. Perhaps the most well known of them all, the Delhi International Arts festival in December is a full three weeks of culture and arts, performed and displayed at several venues around the city.

Once you have experienced the glorious sights of Delhi, it is essential you get a taste for the local shopping. Be prepared to push your way though the crowds and haggle on your way. Many shop owners quote prices expecting to be haggled with so don’t feel bad and try and learn some pointers from other, more experienced shoppers around you. It is a truly fascinating experience. Keep in mind that Saturdays are the busiest day so you can expect to be weaving in and out of the crowds. A good place to start is Connaught Place, an easy metro ride away and easy to navigate.

While out on your shopping expedition, be sure to pick up and try the famous street food renowned in Delhi. It is often said to be the best Indian food in India.

Other activities you may like to explore include the National Zoological Gardens, the biggest zoo in the whole of India. Come and see the white Bengal tigers, Himalayan black bears, rhinos, hippos and much, much more. Also activities such as golf, massage treatments, swimming and yoga are always available