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Delhi Tourism Guide to Delhi Tours Sightseeing

Delhi Tourism Guide to Delhi Tours Sightseeing

Delhi Tourism

With such a mix of diverse cultures and rich history dating back 5,000 years, Delhi is a popular tourist destination. Being the third largest city in India, there are copious attractions from historical monuments and buildings to temples and tombs to enjoy while you will surely find the shopping a unique experience and the food incredible.

The city is divided into two parts, the Old Delhi and the New Delhi. Both have wonderful attractions to keep you occupied. Old Delhi is home to numerous mosques, forts and monuments and boasts a more historical charm than New Delhi which depicts a more modern India with the architecture of the British Raj.

New Delhi is one of the main tourist attractions in India and tourism is on the increase. Delhi is very accessible from pretty much anywhere with many airlines flying direct to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Other tourist attractions include the many festivals celebrated, the forts and monuments, amusement parks and the awesome shopping to be had.

Indian cities such as Delhi have had a battle defending its security to westerners recently. Many western countries have issued warnings about travelling to India as terror attacks have created a threat. Delhi in particular has not been greatly affected by this as foreign tourists are still coming, undeterred by the threats to markets in particular. Security has been consequently bumped up and most don’t feel insecure about their travels.

The peak season for tourism in Delhi is November to March therefore travelling during the months February to April and August to November are the best months to travel weather wise and will miss the extreme crowding present in the peak months.