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Goa Beaches Guide to Goa Beaches Beach Resorts

Goa Beaches Guide to Goa Beaches Beach Resorts

Goa Beaches

Choosing what beach to base at is a tricky question as Goa has so many gorgeous beaches. So we have compiled a top 5 list for Goa beaches to help you discover the perfect place to spend your holiday to Goa

Top 5 Beaches of Goa

1. Baga Beach
Baga Beach continues from Calangute Beach and is usually slightly quieter than its sister beach. Baga is more developed also with several restaurants servicing the beach. What attracts many is the well known nightlife with the famous Club Tito and Café Mambo that rather revolutionised the club scene here.

You will find Baga Beach in North Goa, just 9km from Mapusa.

2. Palolem Beach
Palolem is known to be a great place to meet new people, where many tourists end up, making it easy to find people to join in a friendly soccer game or night of drinking.

This beach is also known for its water sports with canoeing and diving being popular activities. It can get quite crowded in the peak tourist season and the commercialisation of the area has almost taken it further from the paradise it was trying to intensify, it is still a great spot. The best idea is to try and bypass the peak season as much as possible.

3. Agonda Beach
In contrast to many Goa beaches, Agonda beach is a quiet paradise away from the packed beaches of the north. Here you can stay in a little hut right on the beachfront and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Agonda beach can be found in South Goa just above Palolem Beach

4. Calangute Beach
Calangute is one of Goa’s busiest and most commercialised beaches though is still one of the most beautiful. Some call it the ‘queen of beaches’ for its warm sands, palm trees and mini stalls lining its edges.

5. Vagator Beach
Vagator is a white sandy beach great in the tourist season with an active nightlife. The only downside is that the waters are too dangerous to swim in. But if you are after sunbathing and exploring it is a great place to be. There is even the Chapora Fort close by to check out. Accommodation is scarce so get in early to score a room.

With such variety, you can mix and match. Spend a couple of days at an active beach enjoying the humming nightlife, then spend a few days at a more secluded, quiet beach to relax and enjoy the true beauty of Goa.