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Goa India – Holiday Guide for Goa Tourism Travel

Goa India Holiday Guide for Goa Tourism Travel

Some describe Goa as a continuous holiday as tourism is red hot here and a major source of revenue for such a small state. It attracts tourists of all ages with a dazzling nightclub for the active youngsters and relaxing beaches for the older crew. It is a charming paradise with the best of both worlds, a state hugged by both beautiful waters and lush forests.


This piece of paradise is situated on the west coast of India, bordered by Maharashtra, Karnataka and the Arabian Sea. Although it is the smallest state in India, it competes easily with the larger states. In fact Goa is not only the richest state, it has been ranked as having the best quality of life also, and not surprising considering the relaxed, laid back nature of those who live here.

It is a place well known for its beaches and places of worship, with several beautiful churches and temples amongst its rich landscape. It is worth noting that Buddhist monks are said to have laid the foundations for Buddhism here. Perhaps more than this, in more recent times it is known to lure people for its active nightlife with its colourful carnival like atmosphere.

Goa’s existence is fairly new as it was formerly part of the Mauryan Empire before being in the hands of the Portuguese. Many people left and settled in neighbouring areas largely because of the repeated wars and also after the Portuguese converted a lot of its subjects to Christianity. After a small stint of British rule, Indian independence had come to be, however struggled against the Portuguese who weren’t keen to negotiate sovereignty of the area. The Indian Army was forced to complete an annexation and Goa was finally created as the 25th state of India in 1987.

Although Goa is a happening place year round, it is best to miss the monsoon period that starts in June which often coincides with some of the hottest temperatures. Winters are generally short therefore leaving the great weather for the majority of the year. Being in the tropical zone means heat and humidity so winters may be the more comfortable climate for those not used to very hot temperatures.

You won’t be short for things to do on your holiday, with many water sporting adventures, temples and historical places to visit, carnivals to play in and shacks to drink in. So depending on whether it is the sun and sand you are after or a party time, Goa has it all.