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Goa Nightlife Guide to the Goan Nightlife, Clubs, Bars Beach Parties

Goa Nightlife – Guide to the Goan Nightlife, Clubs, Bars Beach Parties

The Goan nightlife is one of its most successful draw cards in luring tourists to holiday here. While night clubs and drinking isn’t one of India’s most popular activities, here in Goa it is widely accepted as an essential part of life.

Goa Nightlife

Prices are generally pretty high in Goa however alcohol is an exception. Feni –brewing is very popular here however is rather a required taste. The main flavours are cashew and coconut with an alcohol content of up to 42% so beware!

Of course the beaches are a major attraction but become almost even more fascinating after the sun goes down. The endless party spirit seeps into most beach spots, largely thanks to the hippies that came and inhabited Goa in earlier years. Baga beach is now a very popular destination for beach parties. However it is important that you understand that although drinking and partying is tolerated, drink driving, drug use, possession and nudity is not.

If a night drinking is on the table, there are some gorgeous spots where you can go and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. One such place is the Nine Bar which is found above Vagator beach. They have some great pizza on offer with some refreshing beverages that you can enjoy while listening to the traditional Goa Trance music.

Alternatively, if clubs and dancing interest you more, there are also many nightclubs that provide good beats and a space to show off your dancing abilities. The Mambo Beach Club is known to be one of the most happening North Goa places to start your Goan nightlife experience. It was the first of its nature in the area and started the incredible clubbing scene here in Goa, revolutionising the party scene. The crowd is generally very energetic with great DJs. Club Titos is another club that will entertain you for hours on end. For more information visit their website (

Another fun way to experience the prime nightlife in this region is to take a night cruise. Here you can hop on a boat where you can listen to music with your friends, drink and dance the night away on a luxury yacht.

Other places to try out are:

Ziggy’s at Colva Beach (open until 10pm)
Lido’s at Dona Paula Beach (open until 10.30pm)
Temptations at Vagator Beach within the Red Cab Inn (open until midnight)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that wild partying is the only nightlife activity, if a quiet evening is what you are after without missing out on anything, spend the evening at a beach side shack. There are some venues that will organise beach side bonfires and barbecues to enjoy while listening to music and sipping a gentle cocktail.

So all in all it is up to you what sort of night is in order. If you are staying a couple of nights, why not try it all!