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Goa Tourism Guide to Tourism in Goa

Goa Tourism Guide to Tourism in Goa

Goa gets approximately two million visitors a year come to experience the small state, which is in fact more than its whole population! Hence it comes as no surprise that tourism is a main source of income to those servicing the area. The main tourist areas are the found on the coastline where you will find the most activity, with less the more inland you venture.

Goa Tourism

The tourist activates are varied, accommodating to people from all walks of life in search of all sorts of adventures and relaxation. Goa, also known as ‘The Land of Churches’, is home to numerous places of worship, the Bom Jesus Cathedral being one you don’t want to miss, but mainly Hindu temples are found here with the majority of Goans being Hindu followers.

The best thing to do is hire a scooter so you can freely travel around the sights at your own leisure. There are several old Indo Portuguese inspired mansions that still stand, though somewhat decrepit and Fort Aguada to find.

More recently however, Goa has become a tourists dream with the natural beauties of its palm tree bordered beaches accompanied with activities galore. Parasailing, jet skiing, canoeing and even fishing are just some of the things that will keep you occupied at beaches like Baga and Colva.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Goa during the Carnival in February you will get to experience the incredible celebrations. For three days Goa goes into festival mode with decorated floats, vibrant music, colourful costumes and exciting parades. Preparations are lengthy, often starting in December, and opens the Goa culture to the world.

While Goa may touch your heart (and probably your liver), keeping safe while on holiday here is also very important. Below is a general tourist guide to the dangers that could be present on your stay. Don’t let them put you off as most people won’t come across any of these but it is a good thing to keep in the back of your mind so you are not as vulnerable.

women should stay away from the beaches when alone at night soaking your feet in the water can be a danger in itself as the Arabian Sea is known for its strong undertow riptide currents at particular beaches

being new to the area, you are likely to be seen as susceptible to a pickpocket

only accept bottled drinks that are sealed

hawkers and many drivers are likely to do anything for money so don’t feel you have to believe everything you hear – if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is

avoid unprocessed cashew nuts as they may contain an irritant also found in poison ivy

stay away from drugs as they are illegal in India but very much available in Goa – local and foreign people are this day serving long sentences for possession

Lastly, remember that Goans are generally very friendly and helpful people so don’t hesitate to go to the nearest shop and talk to them if you have any problems or questions.