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India Flights Cheap Flights to India

India Flights Cheap Flights to India

With India becoming more and more of a tourist destination, direct flights are becoming more common with air services competing for your business. Heathrow airport is the main UK airport that services direct flights to India, most going to the four main Indian airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. To get to other destinations it is likely that you will fly into one of these main airports and then transfer to a domestic flight.

India Flights

Some of the airlines that service international flights to India include Air India, British Airways, Emirates and Jet Airways. It is a good idea to pre book someone to pick you up from the airport, whether it is a friend or your hotel, as it can be very frantic in Indian Airports with drivers likely to hassle you from all directions to get your business. Another tip is to confirm your flights before you are set to depart as there may be changes, especially if departing from an Indian airport as they are not known to be the most consistent or reliable.

Getting the best flight deals and cheap flights can be an adventure in itself. Many are choosing to surf the internet for flights while others prefer to book through a travel agent. There are pros and cons for each but in short looking online can be convenient while often the easiest way to find the cheapest flights especially with the use of a comparison website, however travel agents give you that security that if something goes wrong or changes, they essentially have your back, they also provide a physical presence rather than a virtual one.

Keep in mind that discounted flights in the UK is big business, especially in London, therefore are widely advertised to the public so make sure you keep checking your media mediums to score some great deals. The Evening Standard and Time Out often have some great deals.

There is however some important things to know before you escape to India:

1. Check for up to date information on current dangers or requirements for the area you are heading to. This includes things like natural disasters and terrorism. A good piece of advice is to visit the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)

2. You will most likely need to get a visa to enter India, you can get this from Visa Services or through VF Services with offices in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh or fill in the visa form and pay online to be given a specific time to come in making standing in lines a thing of the past.

3. It is best to photocopy your passport, visa and credit cards (if any) before commencing travel in case these important documents go missing or get stolen. This will assist you in replacing these items efficiently if needed.

4. Make sure your passport is valid to 6months post travel

5. Make sure you have a return or onward ticket to prove you are only visiting

6. Keep contact details of places you may need in the event that any belongings are stolen or lost (this includes passport, airline tickets and credit cards)

Once these above pieces of advice are taken on board, entering India is relatively easy with standard immigration practices and customs procedures.

Domestic travel is rather cheap as the industry is increasing providing more competition and therefore more competitive rates. Ensure that every piece of luggage you have has a baggage label on it and has been stamped by security at the airport. Also bear in mind that if you are travelling to more sensitive areas of India, security will be tighter.

Remember that if your travel dates are flexible you can score some truly incredible deals. Other than that, keep up to date, be prepared, have fun and travel safely.