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India Language Guide to the Different Indian Languages

India Language Guide to the Different Indian Languages

India has 22 official languages, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, and Tamil just to name a few. So learning some language necessities can be harder than most places. 41% of the population speak Hindi so it can be a rather safe bet except avoid speaking Hindi in Tamil Nadu and the North East as it can be met with varying degrees of hostility. So try and find out where you will be staying and the main local language and just pick up a couple of phrases and words to help you on your way.

Indian Language

If you are travelling to major cities, English is often spoken by many. The English you are likely to hear in India will be heavily influenced by British English.

Many use hybrid phrases for example mixing English with Hindi in the same sentence. However for a quick guide to some of the Indian language you are likely to find helpful, the following is the absolute basics.


Hello – namaste/namskaar
Goodbye – same as hello
Yes – jee hang
No – jee naheeng
Thankyou – shukriyaa/danyavaad
Sorry/excuse me – kshamaa keejiye

Help – mada keejiye
Stop – ruko
I’m lost – maing raastaa bhool gayaa (female) gayee hoong (male)
Do you speak English? – kyaa aap ko angrezee aatee hai?
I don’t understand – maing naheeng samjhaa/ee

How much for… kaa kiraayaa kitnaa hai
…one night – ek din
…one week – ek hafte
How much is this? – is kaa daam kyaa hai?

Where is the bathroom? – gusalkaanaa kahaang hai

Language of Tamil Nadu (refrain from using Hindi)

Hello – vanakkam
Goodbye – poyittu varukiren
Yes / no – aam/illai
Thank you – nanri
Do you speak English? – neenkal aankilam pesuveerkalaa?
Sorry/excuse me – mannikkavum
How much is it? – atu evvalavu