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Jaipur Nightlife Guide to Jaipur Bars, Pubs Nightlife

Jaipur Nightlife Guide to Jaipur Bars, Pubs Nightlife

Jaipur Nightlife

While the nightlife is far from raging, people of Jaipur like to indulge in other evening activities such as cinema and dance. There is a cream coloured cinema complex called the Raj Mandir in the city, however it is recommended that you book in advance as the cinema is known to become packed quickly.

Another evening experience is the Chokhi Dhani, rather like a fake village full with romantically lit gardens. It is a perfect excursion for couples who can wonder through the gardens and experience traditional Rajasthan dining while enjoying the tribal dancers, balancing acts and other traditional entertainment. It is located approximately 15km from the city.

Alternatively, if theatre is something you would like to explore further, the Raj Mandir is a place where you can enjoy night performances. Plays, puppet shows, dances and singing are showed against the decorative theatre stage.

If dancing and nightclubbing is more your style, you will find it hard to satisfy this passion in Jaipur. In fact most will give you a funny look if you ask where the best nightclub is, though there are a few hotel bars and pubs that you might find enjoyable.

If dancing is what you are after, there are a few places that you will want to add to your night itinerary. Disco is located at Le Meridian where they have DJ’s spinning out popular music. However for those up for something a bit different, head to the aqua disco at Choki Dhani, an upmarket resort. Here you can dance the night away to the latest music amongst showers of water!

Many of the palaces in the city have been transformed into hotels with world class bars and pubs within. Some of the best places to head for a fun night are The Polo at Rambagh Palace, Rang Mahal, Madhu Shala and the Maharani Express.

Plan to be in Jaipur during the Holi celebrations for an incredible time, one of the more colourful festivals of India.