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Things To Do In Jaipur Guide to Jaipur City Palace More…

Things To Do In Jaipur Guide to Jaipur City Palace More…

Things To Do in Jaipur

The City Palace is a remarkable way to start your Jaipur holiday. The complex includes a fascinating museum, grand courtyards, temples, palaces and gardens. Some of the more notable features of Jaipur’s City Palace are the Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal, both palaces of incredible architecture and design. The other is the Diwan I Khas which served as an audience hall. Some of the things you will notice are the stunning marble floors and the two large silver vessels, the largest in the world to be exact, that are displayed here.

One of the most distinctive landmarks of the city must be the Hawa Mahal. The five story building stands out with its pink sandstone exterior, looming over the streets. It was erected for the purpose of giving the Royal women a place where they could carry out the tradition of veil while still being able to observe the happenings on the streets below.

Jaipur tends to be associated with a shopper’s paradise, and in return, the Jaipur people are somewhat shopper enthusiasts equating to enormous amounts of shopping excursions. There are the bargains within the local bazaars and a large range of products offered in the towering malls to keep you occupied. Do be wary of scams, especially when it comes to jewellery. There have been cases where foreigners have been asked to send gems or jewellery overseas under their names so the seller forfeits taxes. Most start out with generous hospitality then turn on you and demand you to send the gems. So be cautious and stay with a group or in the streets and do not go into the homes of locals as a general rule.

Ramhagh Palace is another of those ‘must see’ places. This palace was once the royal hunting lodge that became the home of the Maharaja of Jaipur in the early 20th century, and then became the Government House after India’s independence before being converted into an upmarket hotel. Therefore you can imagine the luxury and enormity of the place. Just 8km from the city, the Ramhagh Palace is now primarily a hotel with excellent service and great reviews.

Previously the capital of Rajasthan, Amber is just 11km from Jaipur and the home of the Amer (Amber) Fort. The fort’s exterior appearance is contrasting to its interior, with the rough stone walls that create its demanding exterior smoothing out to the intricate detail seen in the inner walls. It is captivating and highly artistic. Once you have experienced the fort during the day, make sure you come back in the evening to see the Sound and Light Show in English at 6:30pm.

To experience something a little more intrepid, take an elephant safari out into the wilderness to get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. If you can, go just before sunset to get some spectacular views. These safaris are perfect photography opportunities and provide a unique Jaipur tourism adventure.

Setting your feet back on the ground, just watching the sun set is a sight within itself. The last light sweeps across the pink hue buildings with an enduring glow, so make sure you not only experience the big adventures, you savour the small things too.