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Jodhpur India Holiday Guide to Jodhpur Fort Palace While Travelling

Jodhpur India Holiday Guide to Jodhpur Fort Palace While Travelling


Jodhpur is one of Rajashtan’s largest cities and often referred to as the Gateway to Thar. Other names given to Jodhpur are Sun City, as it is known to be one of the sunniest places in India, and Blue City as most of the buildings are painted in different hues of blue. This historic city is often considered a highlight of India travels with forts and palaces amongst temples, markets and the array of blue houses.

Getting to Jodhpur is easy with the city airport just 5km from the city centre. From here it is cheap to get a taxi or rickshaw to take you to your hotel.

Finding things to do is not difficult with many historical sites well worth visiting.

Mehrangarh Fort
This is the largest fort in the whole of Rajasthan and the centre point of the city. It is a massive structure that towers over the city. Within the strong walls are many decorative halls with carvings and traditional art. Note that there is an extra fee for those bringing in cameras.

Umaid Bhavan Palace
This is an exquisite palace that has luxury written all over it. It is relatively new compared to the other palaces of India and is the last of the Great Palaces built here. It is now converted into a hotel on one side with a museum as well. You will need to take a rickshaw to visit the palace and is best to get a round trip.

Festivals are also a great place to get involved with the culture of the city. The people of Jodhpur are hugely enthusiastic about their festivals celebrating the rich culture and traditions. The main festivals are the Marwar Festival and the Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival. The Marwar Festival is celebrated every year in celebration and memory of Rajasthan heroes. It is held between September and October and lasts two days. The Kite Festival is a new festival however has become hugely popular in its short life so far as kite flyers from all of India, and the world congregate to show off their skills. It is a colourful three day festival with kits being released from Air Force helicopters and school children have fun releasing balloons from ground level.

Visiting Jodhpur is best in the cooler moths between October and March as temperatures can reach 40°C in summer. The climate follows typical desert type conditions with little rainfall.

There are also some great Hotels and Guesthouses available for Jodhpur accommodation such as Jee Ri Haveli Hotel, Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli Hotel and Yogi Guest House.

All in all, Jodhpur is a fascinating city and a photographer’s dream with colourful landscapes and colour festivals to match.