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Karnataka India – Holiday Guide to Karnataka Tourism Travel

Karnataka India – Holiday Guide to Karnataka Tourism Travel

Formally the State of Mysore, Karnataka, derived from karu and nadu in Kannada meaning ‘elevated land’, came to be in 1973. Located in South India, bordering the Arabian Sea, Goa and Maharashtra, Karnataka has a mighty history (excuse the pun). Once home to one of the most powerful ancient and medieval Indian empires, Karnataka was a powerful force in India.


Through a series of unfortunate events including Hampi’s destruction at the hands of Mughal invaders, the state has changed drastically. Today Karnataka has redefined itself into a top tourist destination, giving visitors the ability to experience part of its history through its ruins while showing off its natural beauty with the many stunning waterfalls and beaches it has to offer.

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Like many states, agriculture plays an important part of life for a large portion of the 52 million people of Karnataka. This sector largely relies on the southwest monsoon for its success. That said, the state has had record high GDP in comparison to other Indian states with an impressive IT industry and growing tourism.

There is a multitude of places in Karnataka worth adding to your Karnataka travel list including cave temples, palaces, wondrous waterfalls, popular beaches and the ruins of Hampi.

Cave Temples in Badami In northern Karnataka lies a temple complex portraying a great example of rock cut design and architecture. The complex is composed of four separate caves carved from sandstone hills which represent the varying religious divisions. What make these caves fascinating are the impressive carvings and sculptures that lie within.

Keshava Temple Built using symmetrical Hoysala architecture and made out of soapstone, this Somanathapura temple is extensively decorated from the inside out with intricate carvings and detail.

Kudremukh Waterfalls One of the main attractions of Kudremukh is its waterfalls located within its tropical forests. The Hanuman Gundi waterfalls plunge some 30m, ceremoniously falling from rock to rock into the pond below. Trek to the falls to experience it first hand and pay the extra fee to take a dip! The beauty is phenomenal, surrounded and isolated by nature in its purest form.

Jog Falls Located in the Shimoga District of Karnataka, these waterfalls plunge from an amazing 253m. They provide an incredible sight especially during or just after the monsoon season.

Mysore Palace The Palace of Mysore can be accurately described as rather ostentatious with its massive structure and high domes. The palace is home to the Mysore Dasara festival which is a ten day festival where elephants and floats can be seen on the property with grand performances. Make sure you get a glimpse of it at night when it is all lit up in all its grandeur. While in Mysore, make sure you visit the colourful Devaraja Market.

Karnataka Beaches With over 300km of coastline, Karnataka has a range of beaches to provide a break from city life. Two popular beaches include Bhatkal Beach that sports fine temples, a hilly backdrop and gentle seas, and Malpe Beach known for its beautiful sand bordered by palm trees.

Ruins of Hampi As well as all these Karnataka tourist spots, it has emerged in the tourist healthcare scene. Many travel here to take advantage of Karnataka’s great healthcare system and knowledge of alternative therapies. So there is plenty to attract you to take a Karnataka holiday.