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Kashmir India Holiday Guide to Kashmir Tourism Travel

Kashmir India Holiday Guide to Kashmir Tourism Travel

The Kashmir part of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ was described by a seventeenth century Mughal Emperor who said that “if paradise is anywhere on earth, it is here”. The beauty of this area is very true, with generous gardens, breathtaking views, stunning mountains, and home to some of the loveliest communities one can find.


One of Kashmir’s most wonderful attractions is that of Ladakh, a unique part of Kashmir with alluring surroundings. With its population mainly made up of welcoming Tibetan Buddhist people, it is a place like no other. Because of the weather, the roads are usually closed during the colder months and open up in the summer for the tourists to get a glimpse of their distinctive lifestyle and enjoy the trekking and yak safari opportunities. The land here is a collage of mountain landscapes wrapped around monasteries. September is a great time to visit with the Ladakh Festival decorating the city. This festival brings forward several highlights such as archery competitions, horse polo and many opportunities to get a taste of the Ladakh cuisine.

Then head to Nubhra Valley to play amongst the sand dunes. To get here you will need to pass through Khardungla, but once you are there you can get camel rides and camp in the most spectacular places to relax and gaze at the stars.

The Mughal Gardens are a must, situated around the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Each different season has a unique flavour, and all worth experiencing. With several gardens within, with the Garden of Pleasure, the Royal Spring and the Shalimar Garden to wonder through, there is everything from tulip gardens to peach and cherry blossoms. These gardens were built by a Mughal Emperor for his wife back in the 1600’s with a layout similar to that of the Chahar Bagh in Persia. While you are in the Srinagar area, try to organise a trip on one of their famous houseboats.

Gulmarg is another place to put on your list with its prized attraction, Asia’s highest cable car, the Gulmarg Gondola. This cable car can transport 600 people an hour to Kongdoori Mountain and back. Here you can experience some great skiing from mid December to mid May while staying in one of Gulmarg’s many hotels.

After exploring the region and its activities, take some time out to appreciate the many lakes in the area, mostly the tranquil, snowy kind. With the Jimalayan Mountains as their backdrop, they are certainly synonymous with picturesque.

For a bit more action before you head home, visit Pahalgam. With so much to do from trekking in the vast mountains to skiing and horse riding, Pahalgam is a great place to end your journey, being also the entry point for the holy Hindu site, the Amarnath Cave.

To get to Kashmir, you can fly into the Srinagar or Leh airports.