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Kerala Beaches – Guide to Kerala’s Beaches; Cherai, Varkala, Kovalam Marari

Kerala Beaches Guide to Kerala’s Beaches; Cherai, Varkala, Kovalam Marari

Palm lined beaches, pristine waters, waterfront resorts, restaurants and water activities are just some of the reasons people flock to Kerala’s golden beaches. With twenty one beaches lining the coast, you have plenty of choice and are able to choose the beach that best suits your purpose. Whether you are looking for a relaxing sun soaked spot upon a quiet beach or a lively time on a surf board in the gleaming waters, Kerala beaches have it all.

Kerala Beaches

Tourism in Kerala revolves mainly around the beaches where tourists can stay in beachfront resorts, sunbath on the beautiful sand and enjoy the many water activities available.

Four of the most popular beaches of Kerala are at Kovalam beach, Marari beach, Varkala beach and Cherai beach.

There are actually three beaches of Kovalam, separated by small mounds of rock. Samudra beach is the northern beach known for its peaceful atmosphere and the most un touched by the development of the changing world. Hawa beach is the middle of the three and a morning base for fisherman before it changes with the sun to become a buzzing tourist beach. The third is Lighthouse beach, located in southern Kovalam and the most popular of them all. The beaches of Kovalam are known to be the most developed with many crammed onshore developments. Its popularity means that prices are usually high in the tourist season.

Marari Beach is another fantastic beach in Kerala with soft sand and swaying coconut palms. There is a beautiful resort here which has a ‘healing centre’ using the popular Ayurveda methods. Marari attracts people to the backwaters who want some time at the beach as well.

Varkala is a great place to see, even for a day trip, to see the restaurants and guesthouses perched precariously on cliff edges. The sandy beach is beautiful and a wonderful place to soak in the sun, but swimming is not advised as the strong currents make it very dangerous for even the strongest of swimmers. Although an increasing number of hotels are popping up, Varkala is trying to hold onto the backpacker roots of its past as much as possible. It’s this relaxed charm atmosphere that gives this beach charm. With the onset of development, as one might expect, prices are creeping higher.

Cherai Beach is another of Kerala’s gems. It is a Vypin Island beach just off Kochi. The beach stretches a good 15km and attracts swimmers and sunbathers to its clean golden sand. Many flock here during December for the tourism fest however prices during this time usually skyrocket accordingly.

While the beaches are very welcoming places, there are some Indian men who take this opportunity to scout the beaches for a glimpse of female flesh. However these are more annoying than dangerous.