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Kerala Flights – Guide to Cheap Flights to Kerala

Kerala Flights Guide to Cheap Flights to Kerala

With three airports in Kerala, two are international. While Calicut is only a national serving airport, both Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) and Kochi (Cochin) airports are international.

Kerala Flights

Trivandrum International Airport
Located in the south of Kerala, the airport extends up three floors and sports a tubular design with modern facilities. Although it does not have direct flights to and from the UK, centres like Delhi and Mumbai do, so taking a direct flight to one of these places then a domestic flight to Trivandrum is the best option for most people. 

Kochi (Cochin) International Airport
Situated close to Kochi in Nedumbassery, this international airport was India’s first to be constructed privately. It has a big duty free shopping area and other facilities such as an underground rail station and a business centre setting it apart from the normal airport.

Calicut Airport
Malappuram is home to the Calicut Airport which mainly deals with domestic flights though does do the occasional international flight.

So no matter where you are headed in Kerala, you should be able to find an airport that suits. If your destination is further afield then there are other modes of transport such as busses, trains and cars that can take you the rest of the way.

There are many methods of finding cheap flights from searching the internet, searching individual airlines or comparison websites to doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way by going in to a travel agents office. Depending on what you are most comfortable with and what your personal limitations are. You can generally find some great Kerala flight deals online, however for those who like to have a physical person dealing with their travel plans, travel agents usually do a great job in finding great deals and are there every step of the way for you. So in the end it is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.