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Kovalam Guide to Kovalam in From Beaches to Travel Accommodation

Kovalam is Kerala’s prized beach city. Located in South Kerala it enjoys a tropical climate making it the “paradise of the south”. Back in the day it was a prime spot for hippies with its picturesque beaches, however since then, it has attracted the attention of tourists seeking a relaxed version of Goa. It has been placed on the tourist map and the whole area has been transformed into a tourist hub with thousands venturing here for a dose of sun and a refreshing, relaxed holiday at Kovalam beach.


Kovalam has developed into an excellent holiday destination with plenty of accommodation and restaurants lining the streets and waterfront. The half moon beaches are brilliantly bordered by an exuberance of coconut trees while the water is pristine and tempting with bits of coral reef spotted around making it a snorkelling dream.

There are three beaches in Kovalam divided by rocky mounds. The Lighthouse beach is the southern most beach and evidently the most popular amongst tourists, Hawa beach is just above and is the only beach in India that accepts topless sunbathing (much to the excitement of the wide eyed male locals), while Samudra beach is to the north and perfect for a relaxing beach visit with a peaceful atmosphere.

The beaches are not only for the sunbathers amongst us, but also provide those seeking adventure some great water activities. Surfing, skiing and kayaking are some of the enjoyable activities that can be experienced at the beaches. Guides are available or just hire out the equipment and go out on your own. Though do be cautious that there can be some strong currents so listen to the lifeguards, even ask where the safest spots are, and keep within the green flags as the red flags signal dangerous zones.

With numerous beach resorts, Kovalam hotels and other accommodation options, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a place to stay. Keep in mind that the peak season is between September and May and during this time prices are likely to be much higher.

It is renowned for being a relaxed version of Goa and many come here for the relaxed atmosphere and to partake in the rejuvenation treatments now widely offered. Other sights include the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, a wonderful example of Keralan Architecture where visitors can enjoy the magnificent carvings within. Being just 17km from the capital makes Kovalam easy to get to and well worth it.