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Kolkata Accommodation Guide to Guest House Hotel Accommodation

Kolkata Accommodation Guide to Guest House Hotel Accommodation

Kolkata Accommodation

Accommodation can be found no matter what your budget. From simple lodgings to top end five star hotels, Kolkata has it all, though best to book in advance as street searching can be stressful and confusing.

India accommodation is generally classified with a five star rating system using similar criteria to that used in the UK. Cheap accommodations are usually backpacker lodgings, bargain/discount hotels and bed and breakfast rooms. Bear in mind that although standards vary, even the top end of the lower range are likely to have wear and tear as well as damp spots, a lack of windows and a musty smell.

Two and three star hotels are the step up and provide a decent stay with reasonable prices while high end travellers can stay at four and five star hotels which offer comfort and luxury with contemporary facilities and a grand show of hospitality. As a general rule, you will get what you pay for. If you are after a comfortable top end stay but are worried about how much it will cost, try checking out Yatra as they often have great discounts, well worth a look.

There are vast amounts of accommodation available throughout Kolkata from the high class hotels like The Park, through middle class such as the Lytton Hotel, to a budget stay at the Astoria Hotel. However keep in mind that many cheap hotels situated in outskirt areas do not accept foreigners, the Sudder Street area is on of the only areas that will.

Depending on the time of year you visit, amenities such as air conditioning can be essential items on your checklist to finding a place to stay. With temperatures reaching astonishing highs in summer, it is important to have a cooling system in your residence for health reasons if nothing else. Your body will likely not be used to the heat so you should take precautions. Remember that the heat lasts into the night. There are often large discounts for summer travellers as this is considered off peak, but again, air conditioning is a priority. Location is another factor to consider as you will likely want to be within walking distance to major attractions or public transport.

It is also advisable to ask whether a luxury tax and/or service charge is inclusive as many hotels do not add these in the quoted price.