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Kolkata Flights Guide to Kolkata Cheap Flights

Kolkata Flights Guide to Kolkata Cheap Flights

Kolkata Flights

With India fast becoming a popular tourist destination, it has become easier to find cheap flights as more airlines are servicing the country.

Finding the cheapest flights can mean spending some time searching the internet or looking out for airline deals. Either way it is worth taking the time to research before spending a lot of money. Cheaper flights will usually not be direct, so if time is an issue then you may have to spend more than if you were to take a flight with stopovers. Another factor that will likely influence the cost of your flight is how flexible you are about the dates that you fly. The more flexible you are, the more likely it is you will find cheaper flights.

If you are planning well in advance, it is advisable to sign up to receive e mails from airlines or travel agents with specials they might have. Keep in mind that if using a travel agent you may have to pay commission fees. There are several flight comparison websites available these days which sort through most major airlines to find the cheapest possible flight for the dates you specify. This is a great tool to use instead of having to sift through dozens of airline websites or having to go to an agent – you can do this yourself from home in less than a minute.

Extra can also be spent on the class that you travel. If comfort is more important to you than a cheap fare, most international flights have first, or business class seats available. This means you will enjoy lots of extra goodies even while waiting for your flight. Many airlines have their own executive lounges for those travelling in first or business class and being seated first is only part of the package. Advanced entertainment, extensive food menus and priority baggage collection are also other common extras.

There are five major international airports in including Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Facilities at the airport are improving as they strive to compete with the other international airports of the world in providing world class facilities and services. It is a rather small airport operated by the Indian Government’s Airport Authority therefore it is likely you will be spending quite a while in lines clearing immigration. Changes are planned to be finished by 2011 to make landing in Kolkata a faster and more enjoyable experience.

You can usually find direct flights from the UK to the Kolkata port. Airlines to check out include Jet Airways, Air India and British Airways. The airport is approximately 18km from the heart of the city, taking about 45minutes to an hour in travelling time. The best way to get from the airport to the city centre is by prepaid taxi. Seek out the Bengal Taxi Association counter (on the left as you head to the exit). Fares are very reasonable and they operate 24 hours.

Take into account the peak season which spans from October to February, when major festivals take place and the main streams of tourists come. During these times are when flight prices are likely to be higher also.