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Kolkata Nightlife Guide to Kolkata Nightlife, Restaurants Clubs

Kolkata Nightlife Guide to Kolkata Nightlife, Restaurants Clubs

Kolkata Nightlife

Unlike some other Indian cities, Kolkata maintains no curfew therefore allowing for a prosperous nightlife. In a short space of time, this poverty stricken city has one of the most recognised nightlife atmospheres of modern India with a growing and diverse night scene. Discos, bars, clubs and dance floors have been opening up all over the city creating an abundance of nightlife activities.

So if you still have energy after your day’s activities, let the vibrant Kolkata nightlife sweep you off your feet. From nightclubs to celebrations, movies to sport, the night comes alive with locals and visitors alike. It pays to get a locals opinion on where to go. One thing to remember is that Kolkata, as large as it is, does not have a huge tourist occupancy as yet so most nightclubs will be catered to the locals.

Bars / Clubs
Kolkata nightclubs will introduce you do an eclectic mix of people and music. Whether you are at a 5 star hotel’s bar or an underground club, you will surely enjoy the unmistakable mix of modern and traditional aspects of the Indian culture seeping into these nocturnal activities. Music styles of most nightclubs is a mix of reggae, disco, hip hoop, Hindi pop and bhangra (dance music). Usually the better bars are located in hotels while

The drinking age is generally 21 years however many venues are not strict about its enforcement. One reason people flock to Kolkata is to enjoy its late night party scene. Unlike other cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Kolkata is free from curfew. This means that bars and clubs can remain open well into the early hours of the morning. If you are planning a night out, stay clear of Thursday as this is officially a dry night with the exception of upscale hotels.

Tantra – Popular with young clubbers, Tantra boasts a spectacular dancefloor, two bars and an extra lounge area. Situated at the Park Hotel, you are likely to get superior service if you are staying at the hotel; however it is open to the public. Head here for a wild night out.

The Underground – Indicative of its name, this club is themed with décor reminiscent of the London Underground. If you are after a night of rampant dancing and drinking, The Underground is probably the place for you. It is located at 235/1 A.J.C Bose Road.

Marrakech – This is a Moroccan themed club in Cinnamon Restaurant on Park Street. Its low cushion seat alcoves surround a small but energetic dance floor.

Live Music
There are several live music venues scattered throughout the city. Quite a few restaurants include live music to heighten their ambience so look out for these.

Some Place Else – This English Pub is known to have different live acts each night. It is a popular spot located in the Park Hotel and renowned for its rock music.

The Princeton – This club offers many different genres of live music accompanied by cheap alcohol. Be there by 9.30pm to hear the bands start. Located at 26 Price Anwar Shah Road, this is the place to experience live music from the reputable to the up and coming artists.

Eating Out
While nightclubs and bars are growing increasingly popular, eating out remains a popular night activity. 24 hour coffee shops, especially at top hotels do surprisingly well.

Theatre / Cinema
There are several movie theatres dispersed throughout the city with the latest films. While most cinemas are in the Hindi or Bengali language, there are some cinemas that show movies in English for those travellers who are not fluent in the local language or for those wanting to enjoy a film without translating. Such cinemas include the Rdb Adlab, Prachi Cinema Hall and the Nandan Cinema Hall. Do be cautious when going to the movies as in the dark is a great place for theives and pick pocketers. Get some advise before hand as places like Liberty Cinema are known to be quite dodgy.