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Mumbai Accommodation Guide to Mumbai Guest Houses Hotels

Mumbai Accommodation Guide to Mumbai Guest Houses Hotels

Mumbai Accommodation

Accommodation generally isn’t cheap in Mumbai. With such a tight space for so many people, finding cheap hotels is not an easy task. With chaotic traffic, you will also want to stay in the South Mumbai where most of the tourist attractions are located to save having to travel so far. Therefore you will most likely be looking at paying quite a bit for accommodation for your stay.

Guest houses, hostels or the Mumbai YMCA are some options for a budget trip but even then, the costs can be well above that of other cities.

Alternatively, if money isn’t a problem, there are many luxury hotels available such as the Renaissance or the Taj in Colaba. For often exuberant prices, you can expect superior service and additional amenities. However many have said that accommodation in Mumbai is expensive for what you get in return.

Finding the best deals isn’t hard when it comes to sourcing accommodation. Travel agents are an obvious way, but more likely, the internet. The internet has become increasingly popular for holiday makers to book their stays while on vacation. Several websites offer great specials, and when you have the ability to compare prices, this puts you in a much more powerful position. For security reasons many still like to go through a physical agent, however if you want to take the plunge into online bookings, accommodation is the best place to start.

As with flights, the more flexible you are with dates, the more likely you are to find better deals. Most areas, in particular India, change their prices depending on the time of year and in sync with the peak seasons. With this in mind, you can book your trip so that you not only get great weather conditions but great prices too.