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Mumbai Flights Guide to Cheap Flights Airfares to Mumbai

Mumbai Flights Guide to Cheap Flights Airfares to Mumbai

Mumbai Flights

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the busiest airport in India. But contrary to what you might think, this does not mean it is a chaotic airport. In fact, this airport has won several awards for its operation. On the other hand, it has also been ranked one of the worst airports for flight delays. So if Mumbai is a stop over airport for your travels, be sure to leave plenty of time to cater for possible delays.

Arriving in Mumbai’s airport is an experience in itself, with state of the art architecture with modern designs and wide open spaces you will be pleasantly surprised at the upgrades that have been made.

There are usually very reasonable deals flying from the UK to Mumbai with several main airlines servicing the area. There are several direct flights available, with several flights leaving for Mumbai every day. Some airlines to look out for include Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. But for the best deals on flights from the UK to India, Air India is usually the best airline for cheap flights.

Once landed, the best option for getting into the city if you don’t have a hotel transfer is to get a prepaid taxi from just outside the airport. Prepaid taxis are recommended especially for first timers in India as they take away the need to argue over prices with taxi drivers. What you pay at the prepaid taxi booth is the full amount owed and no extra payment is then required. Keep in mind that although tipping is not common place in India, it is regarded as considerate to exchange a tip of Rs.20 for your luggage.

The other alternative is using auto rickshaws which are cheaper although less comfortable. The only limitation of this transportation is that rickshaws are not allowed to enter the city limits so unless you are headed to a destination outside the Mumbai city limits, this is not the ideal way of travel.

If you are continuing on to a domestic flight, there is a free transfer bus that runs every thirty minutes from the international to the domestic terminal. Again, leave plenty of time for getting to the right place and to compensate for possible delays.