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Mumbai India Holiday Guide to Mumbai Travel Tourism

Mumbai India Holiday Guide to Mumbai Travel Tourism


Formerly Bombay, Mumbai is the powerhouse of India with a multi cultural and multi faceted society. Intertwined in the chaos of this metropolis are many popular sights and activities waiting to be experienced.

With approximately 14 million people and an estimated 22,000 people per square kilometre, crowding is an understatement. Though this is no Tokyo, with more than half of Mumbai’s population living in slums. Mumbai is often seen as synonymous with opportunity, so many come from all around India and beyond for a better life. Unfortunately the reality is that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor and little to help to improve the growing poverty that is evident.

Because of the influx of people coming into the city, Mumbai has become a melting pot of different religions, communities and cultures. However, because of the fast pace the city is growing, it suffers similar problems as many other growing cities in developing countries. That is, increased poverty, not enough jobs to sustain a good employment rate, coupled with a poor health system and low educational standards.

But don’t be misguided; Mumbai has a lot to offer. Being the city that bought you Bollywood, Mumbai seems to captivate a true cultural spirit. Celebrating both western and Indian holidays, there are several festivals to add colour to your trip while there are several famous monuments and places to visit to keep you satisfyingly occupied.

Getting around in Mumbai is relatively easy with its good transport systems in place. Whether you take the railway, a BEST bus, taxis, rickshaw or ferry, Mumbai’s transportation system is convenient and generally easy to navigate.
The climate is always appropriate to take into consideration when travelling to India as it often dictates what you can do and when you can do them. With most tourists coming from western countries, acclimatising to the tropical climate can be a challenge. Most stay clear of the summer season, March to June, as temperatures mixed with the humidity can make your trip uncomfortable. The monsoon season, June to September, is also widely avoided. The peak time to travel is therefore November to February when the climate is pleasant and the rains don’t get in the way of your sightseeing. Although the humidity lingers on, it is far more tolerable during this peak travel time.

Mumbai will surely astonish you with its sheer size, diversity and mesmerising charm. With so much to do, make sure you spend as much time as possible here to experience every facet of this fascinating city. From fairs and festivals, theatre and art, to monuments, famous buildings and glorious shopping opportunities, tourism is ripe and attractions seem endless.

So whether you are looking for a backpacking adventure, a luxury escape or a family holiday, Mumbai has something for you.