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Mumbai Nightlife Guide to the Nightlife, Clubs Bars in Mumbai

Mumbai Nightlife Guide to the Nightlife, Clubs Bars in Mumbai

Mumbai Nightlife

If cheap beer, an energetic atmosphere and pumping music gets you going, Mumbai’s nightlife will be something you don’t want to miss. In the last few years, the city has transformed into a rather cosmopolitan metropolis. With more and more bars popping up with ample live gigs, Mumbai offers a modern hangout for travellers and locals alike.

As with several other Indian cities, the Mumbai nightlife generally starts early in the evening and finishes early because of curfews. However do not miss the time they are open, as Mumbai is likely to have one of the biggest selections of party locations in India.

You will surely have some unforgettable experiences out on the town in Mumbai with its atmospheric bars and impressive rooftop venues.

Share a cocktail with some friends at the new Aer bar at the Four Seasons Hotel and enjoy the panoramic views from its rooftop location. The music is mostly modern Indian mixes but no head banging music at this relaxed lounge. Make sure you enquire about their half price happy hours on each night usually from 5.30pm. You will find this cocktail bar on Moses Road in Worli.

The Intercontinental Hotel on Marine Drive also showcases its own stunning rooftop bar. For a more romantic night out, the Dome has a peaceful atmosphere with delicate soft lighting. Apart from its look, the Dome also boasts a grand selection of beverages. Open at 6pm, like other places in the region, be prepared to leave before its closing at 1.30am.

If a night in a hotel bar is not your idea of the perfect night out, try Zenzi Mills, a private night spot with two levels. Located in an old cotton mill, it is probably as unique as they come. Located on Tulsi Pipe Road in Lower Parel, Zenzi is a definite party bar, the perfect place to dance to eclectic music and lounge in their private lounges with your friends.

It is also common for restaurants and bars to add a tax on alcohol, even as much as 25%, so don’t be surprised if your bill at the end of the night is substantially higher than you had calculated. Some places add this tax to the menu prices but most hide the tax and add it at the end as a kind farewell!

While enjoying the seductive nightlife, there are some warnings you should take note of to keep safe. There have been some incidents involving people operating within Mumbai bars who are in the business of hustling and blackmailing. Everyone becomes at risk as they are usually hard to spot as they tend to blend in with the crowd. So it is advisable to verify the identification of the people you start talking to.

Another thing to be aware of if driving is the strictness and tolerance of drink driving. If you have had anything to drink, it is highly recommended you stay off the road at all costs. If you are caught, you could face a license suspension, hefty fines or even time in jail. Therefore it is best not to take the risk and use the public transport available.