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Mumbai Tourism – Guide to Mumbai Travel Tourism Information

Mumbai Tourism

Mumbai very different to most other Indian cities, much like New York is unique to America. This is a happening city full of colour and life with many attractions to jam pack your days with sightseeing, adventure seeking and market hunting.

Tourism heightens during festival celebrations which tend to encourage people out of their homes and hotels and immerse themselves in the rich culture on display. The Ganesh Chatturathi Festival is one of these celebrations that bring people from all over to Chowpatty, a beach right in the heart of Mumbai. During the day it attracts tourists and their families to its amusement attractions with Ferris Wheels and pony rides, monkey shows and snake charmers. Not to mention the tasty treats available in the many stalls situated along the beach.

If you are not planning to be in Mumbai for the Ganesh Chatturathi Festival, you can still enjoy the atmosphere in the evenings. With shops offering popular snacks and the fresh air filling your lungs, Chawpatty is a great place for a romantic stroll or a place to take the family for an after dinner walk. Although it is a beach, the water is rather toxic therefore taking a dip is not the best idea.

Elephanta Island also pulls tourists from all over the world. Most come to Mumbai then take day trips out to the World Heritage Site to explore the caves and cave temples. Tourists can take the ferry or luxury boats out to the island, many leaving from the Gateway of India with the trip taking little more than an hour to get to the island. Once landed, the path to the caves are usually lined with playful monkeys (beware they might thieve any unattended items) and people selling souvenirs for those wanting something to remember the trip by. There are some great places to score excellent photos and enjoy walking amongst a historical temple. While you are there you can also enjoy the stunning views over the Mumbai skyline. Try and coincide your trip with the sunset on your way back from the island for truly amazing sights. Also if you are there during February, make sure you head to Elephanta Island for the annual dance festival.

With the increase in tourism, the markets are thriving. You can find almost anything in the many stores and stalls in Mumbai. For a new wardrobe take a trip down Fashion Street or Bandra’s Linking Road and be sure to test out your bargaining skills! For other bits and pieces such as jewellery, food and antiques try your luck at the several bazaars to the north of the Central Railways often called the CST.

Mumbai continues to cater for the growing tourism and offers a unique tourism experience for those wanting to be a part of the rich culture and experience the incredible attractions Mumbai has to offer.