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Shimla India Holiday Guide to Shimla Travel Tourism

Shimla India Holiday Guide to Shimla Travel Tourism


Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a winter wonderland for those interested in the winter activities such as skiing, ice skating or even snowball throwing! Count yourself in for the ice skating carnival every January at the biggest open air, natural ice rink in the whole of India while indulging in all Shimla has to offer.

It is because of Shimla’s fantastic location that it is so popular. Nestled in the lower Himalayan ranges, spread out along a 12km ridge, Shimla experiences much colder weather than most of India, largely because of its altitude. With summer temperatures not exceeding 28°C between April and June, many flock to this city to escape the humid heat that most of India experiences during summer. But it is in the winter months, usually December to February, when most come to Shimla to enjoy the delights of the many winter festivals and winter activities. However be prepared for temperatures to drop below zero.

Avoid travelling between July and September to miss the monsoon season as rainfall can reach around 166cm. Also, the city has a disastrous history of landslides during the rain season so take extra care during this time and be prepared to be delayed on the roads.

One of the highlights of Shimla is the warm and friendly people who live here. They are extremely welcoming and live in an uncomplicated way. While Shimla has become a more modern and commercialised centre, the people who live here have not changed with it as they have kept their traditions with a devoted dedication. With one of the main economic activities being agriculture, most work in fields or in the creation of handicrafts to sell at the markets. One of the most amazing things about the community here is that even though there are several different tribes and races, they live without a caste system, something that plagues many in other parts of India.

The peak season is between April and June, October, November and during the Christmas period. You can expect prices to be much higher during these times, and for large discounts to be given in off peak periods. With many festivals celebrated and copious activities to indulge in, Shimla is a fantastic place to journey to for some fresh air and great hospitality, whether you are after a relaxing break or an adventure holiday.