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Things To Do in Shimla – Guide to Shimla Palace Attractions

Things To Do in Shimla – Guide to Shimla Palace Attractions


Things to do in Shimla  Udaipur

Shimla, the Queen of Hill Stations has so much for visitors to do. Whether you are into trekking or walking, adventure sports, or a cultural journey, Shimla has it all for you, or the whole family.

Depending on whether you travel here during the summer or winter, you may want to plan your trip around the fabulous festivals for each of these seasons.

Mall Road is somewhere you will surely get to know when staying in Shimla, as well as Christ Church and The Ridge. The Mall is basically the centre point of where everybody starts and ends their day. Here you will find most hotels, bars and restaurants as well as places like internet cafes and craft shops.

The Ridge is the cultural centre of Shimla, located along Mall Road where some of the best festivals are held, including the Summer Festival. During this festival, the whole city comes alive with energy and colour. With sports activities, flower shows, local performances, photography competitions, poster making and a fashion show, the Summer Festival is a real stand out here in Shimla.

The Rhyali festival is another festival of much importance as most of the people who live in Shimla rely on the agriculture, therefore rain is a must. So the Rhyali festival is to keep the rain Gods in a good mood so the produce is not destroyed.

For those keen to reach Shimla’s highest peak, Jakhu Hill is where you want to end up. Just 2km from Shimla, Jakhu is a great place to get fantastic views of the city and on a fine day, you can also see the beautiful snow capped Himalayas. On top of the 8,000ft hill is the old temple of Lord Hanuman, an important Hindu temple. It is said that Hanumans sudden landing on the hill is the reason it is rather flattened at the top which is why the temple is situated here.

If you are able to journey 3hours out from Shimla, head to Sarahan where the Bhimakali Temple stands. The temple’s architecture is a unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. The story behind the temple is intriguing with many saying that long ago, many demons proved a distraction to the priests and saints who meditated here. So they all prayed for a force to take the demons away. A huge blast took place and a small girl stood on the spot of the explosion. This girl became the force that destroyed the demons and was said to have repeated births to destroy all evil on earth. Therefore, the Bhimakali Temple was built in dedication to this slayer of evil. Furthermore, in 1905 an earthquake jolted the temple to one side, and then a second tilted it back into place, further intriguing those believers of the temple.

Other things to do in Shimla include fishing, golfing, trekking, paragliding, ice skating and skiing. Great activities for the whole family.