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Shimla Tourism – Guide to Shimla Travel, Tour, Holiday Tourism

Shimla Tourism – Guide to Shimla Travel, Tour, Holiday Tourism

Shimla Tourism Landscape Of Shimla 

Tourism in Shimla only started around 1864 when it became known as the best summer holiday destination. Since then, the city has grown to accommodate its general flow of visitors each year. The city is built around a central road known as the Mall where you will find most of the hotels, restaurants and shops.

The peak tourism time is April to June and then from October to the end of the Christmas period. During these times, prices mainly for accommodation greatly increase. Many visit to take a break from the scorching sun and humidity from other regions of India, while others come from abroad to experience the range of activities and festivals Shimla offers.

In fact the festivals are a true highlight, and great representation of the Shimla culture. With New Year celebrations in January, the winter carnival and the Gochi festival in February, the Char festival, Shivratri fair, Holi and the Balasundari fair in March, you can get the gist of the festive nature of this city. Other celebrated dates include the summer festival in June, the flower festival in September and the International festival held with vigour in December. These pull tourists from all around, quite a tourist attraction for Shimla.

If you want a tour around the villages of Shimla, there are tours that leave almost everyday from the Rivoli bus stand. For current itineraries contact the HPTDC tourist office.

A couple of pointers for tourists include the laws that are in place prohibiting plastic bags, littering, smoking and spitting in public places. If you are caught doing any of the above there can be hefty fines, so make sure you respect their rules. There are plenty of ATMs around the Mall and few internet cafes, but beyond here, you will be pushed for luck finding these modern services. So if you are planning to travel outside the city, especially to the surrounding villages, so be sure to get cash out before hand.