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Sikkim Accommodation Guide to Sikkim Hotels Guest Houses

Sikkim Accommodation Guide to Sikkim Hotels Guest Houses

Your stay in Sikkim can be on a budget with guest houses and cheap hotels or for those wanting a more comfortable and exquisite stay, luxurious resorts are available also.

Accommodation in Sikkim

Guest houses or home stays are great budget options but be prepared to be in close quarters with others and not have the same facilities as the more upmarket accommodation provides. Luxury in Sikkim is possibly a bit different to that of the cities. Luxury rooms are homely with well serviced dining areas usually. Whether in cheap or luxury accommodation, it is likely that from somewhere on the property you will have glorious views of the Himalayan Mountains which is an absolute treat at dawn.

Because tourism peaks in certain seasons, it is advisable to book in advance to secure your Sikkim accommodation during these times. These are usually March to June and again in October to December. The temperatures are reasonable year round with a maximum of 28°C normally in summer and a minimum of 0°C in winter. Therefore it is recommended that warm woollens are worn if travelling in the colder months and also if planning on trekking up into the mountains as Sikkim is in fact one of the few places that receives regular snowfall. This means that from December to February especially, warm accommodation is best to help you cope with acclimatising to the cooler temperatures.

Prices generally reduce a good 15 30% in the off peak periods and walk in rates can be very favourable. Prices can be bargained usually, just be sure that the rates you pay are worth it as there wide differences in standards throughout. Many check out Tibet Road for the most habitable accommodation which includes everything from cheap lodges to upmarket hotels.

Accommodation can be booked though several means. Either through a travel agent or through the internet are the most common. Remember that you are likely to get a better price by booking online which also allows you to look around and compare to other accommodation. However the benefits of going through a travel agent include being able to book your activities there too and you can be sure that your accommodation is what you are expecting.

Remember that flexibility is the key for getting the best value for money as prices are likely to be dependent on the dates you pick. If you are willing to risk going for the walk in option for gaining accommodation, most rates are given with the expectation you will bargain lower so make sure you know what the rooms are like before committing to the price on offer. If they are only just habitable, make sure the price you are offered reflects this.